The Repsol Foundation presents Open Room, the digital community on the energy transition

Repsol Chairman, Antonio Brufau presented Open Room, the digital community on the energy transition, created to support and encourage knowledge and debate for a fair and inclusive energy transition.
Antonio Brufau, Repsol Chairman (left), with the journalist Vicente Vallés (right) during the presentation of Open Room, the Repsol Foundation´s digital community on the energy transition

The Repsol Foundation presented Open Room as a comprehensive part of its strategy to promote a fair and inclusive energy transition. Open Room is an online space of reference designed to address the challenges and key components of the energy transition in an open and easily-accessible way for society as a whole.

The members of Open Room will have access to high-quality information and events on various topics and in various formats regarding the energy transition at include: the circular economy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, hydrogen, low-emissions synthetic fuels, carbon markets, natural climate solutions (like reforestation), renewable energy, and the road maps toward decarbonization from different industries and sectors, including regulatory, technological, fiscal, and financial aspects.

Open Room combines the work that the Repsol Foundation has been carrying out over the past two years in more than 38 events related to the energy transition. These events have been viewed by more than 15,000 people and more than 190 speakers have taken part, among them members of the European Commission, state ministers, ambassadors, secretaries of state, prestigious university professors, mayors, presidents and CEOs of major companies, as well as other leaders from the academic and scientific fields and representatives from associations, think tanks, and international organizations.

Energy challenges

During the Open Room presentation, which was held today at Repsol Campus, Repsol Chairman, Antonio Brufau was interviewed by journalist Vicente Vallés on the role of energy, the great challenges we face in the energy sector in Europe and globally, and the search for opportunities to meet decarbonization objectives set by the European Union for 2050.

The Repsol Chairman highlighted the fundamental role the academic and scientific sectors, knowledge, and raising awareness can play in the different fields of technology, from the reduction and capture of CO2 to sustainable and advanced mobility, competitive industry decarbonization, hydrogen, and the circular economy.

During the interview, Antonio Brufau placed special emphasis on the need to keep pace with the rate of energy transformation, reiterating that “we can meet decarbonization targets, but we must know how to keep up with the speed and associated costs to ensure competitiveness and employment in the industry.”

The role of technology in energy transition

A round table was held at the event with the directors from the five Energy Transition Education and Research Programs that the Repsol Foundation supports at the University of Barcelona, the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Pontifical University of Comillas, the University of the Basque Country, and the University of Navarra, which are focused on specific vectors of energy transition like the circular economy; industry decarbonization; sustainable mobility; hydrogen; and carbon capture, use, and storage technology.

The effects of climate change

Gabrielle Walker, internationally-renowned expert on climate change,, and author of publications including best-seller "The Hot Topic", participated in presenting the Open Room event by focusing her attention on the devastating effects of climate change. “But we have to see opportunity in this transition” Walker said.“Just two years ago, no one talked about 'net zero', and now all over the world, many governments, businesses, and investors have publicly set carbon neutral targets for 2050”. “It's important to have a final goal but also intermediate objectives that measure the progress” she stated.

Message from the CEO

The opening of the presentation ceremony was led by Josu Jon Imaz, CEO of Repsol, who pointed out the relevance of Open Room today, when all of us have a responsibility in energy transition: businesses, the public sector, international organizations, and also any of us as consumers and as citizens.

He believes the launch of Open Room is one step more to demonstrating Repsol's complete commitment to progressing toward decarbonization and in its road map toward net zero emissions by 2050.