Scholarships for university students with disabilities

Fundación Repsol is launching a new scholarship programme for students with different abilities who will study an undergraduate degree or a master’s in areas like engineering, maths or physics in 2018/2019.

Fundación Repsol starts, for the fifth year, the grant programme for undergraduate or master's degrees, aimed at people with disabilities for higher education in technical areas. Once again, we have have collaborated with the Fundación Universia to carry out the outreach and the selection of candidates.

The main objective of this programme is to promote higher education of students with different abilities, especially in technical areas such as engineering, physics, maths, or geology. This initiative aims to encourage people with disabilities to undertake university studies in order to improve their employability and specialisation in the future.

Fundación Repsol offers a maximum of ten grants for bachelor's degrees and two for master's degrees.

The allocation of grants is up to €5000 each, per year, with a duration of one academic year. This can be extended for another year depending on the duration of the master's and up to three times in the case of undergraduate degrees. In both cases, to renew the scholarship, students must have passed at least 80% of the credits they enrolled on.

Potential candidates should fill out the Open registration form in new window before 19th October 2018. The scholarships will be allocated before 31st October 2018.

Since Fundación Repsol launched the programme, a total of 25 university students with disabilities have received a scholarship.  For more information, students can send an email to