The second edition of "Young people with a future" comes to a close

Thirteen young people in vulnerable situations have completed a training programme to improve their employability.
Students from the Young People with a Future training programme

The second edition of the Young people with a future project, carried out by Fundación Repsol and Fundación Iter, came to a successful close as participants received their diplomas. This project has made it possible for thirteen vulnerable young adults who face difficulties entering the job market to improve their employability.

The participants, aged 18 to 23, have received 215 hours of training from Fundación Iter, covering topics such as social skills, customer service, communication, teamwork, and motivation.

The project includes a comprehensive service station salesperson/clerk training program with the participation of Repsol's Corporate Learning Centre and Campsared. During the theoretical portion of the program, they spent 78 hours learning how to perform the duties of salespeople/clerks at service stations in Repsol's Corporate Learning Centre, followed by 150 hours of hands-on experience at stations in Madrid.

The diplomas were presented at an event held on the Repsol Campus, in which both Ignacio Egea, Vice-Chairman of Fundación Repsol, and Javier del Barrio, Chairman of Fundación ITER, took part. Other speakers included representatives from the Campsared organization, two programme participants, and a manager from one of the participating service stations, who all shared their experiences with the attendees.

This project expresses Fundación Repsol's commitment to the integration of vulnerable groups through education, with the goal of improving their employability and facilitating their integration into the labour market. In fact, four participants from the previous edition are currently working in Repsol service stations.