Secondary students that are energy efficiency champions

Fundación Repsol has organized the Energy with Consciousness Championship, in which school students aged between 14 and 16 present their proposals to help their schools use energy resources more responsibly. The winners were the IES Miguel de Cervantes (Murcia) and the IES Antonio Calvin (Almagro, Ciudad Real), which received 7000 and 3000 euros respectively.
Students of the IES Miguel de Cervantes (Murcia), winners of Fundación Repsol's Fourth Energy with Consciousness Championship

The IES Miguel de Cervantes (Murcia), the IES Mónico Sánchez (Piedrabuena, Ciudad Real), the IES Plurilingüe Fontexería (Muros, A Coruña), and the Institut Pont del Diable (Tarragona) were the five centres that took part in the final of the Energy with Consciousness Championship. They were selected from amongst the 21 schools that participated in this competition organised by Fundación Repsol.

The championship marked the end of the fifth edition of Energy with Consciousness, an educational project organised by Fundación Repsol that aims to make 14- to 16-year-old school children aware of the need to use energy resources responsibly through activities and experiments related to energy efficiency. During the 2018–2019 school year, more than 1 000 students from 36 schools in A Coruña, Bizkaia, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Murcia, and Tarragona took part.

This final was attended by Ismael Sanz, director-general of Innovation, Scholarships, and Educational Assistance of the Community of Madrid, and Jorge Solana, adviser to the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda, who presented the prizes alongside Lola Zamarra, director of the Social and Volunteering Area of Fundación Repsol. António Calçada, vice president of Fundación Repsol, also participated in the event, in addition to Fernando Ruiz, director of Sustainability at Repsol, and Pilar Rojas, manager of the Division of Talent, Culture, and Internal Communication at Repsol.

As part of this project, the students worked on an energy audit of their school, suggesting improvements to make it more efficient.  To do this, they also had the help of 73 expert Repsol volunteers who helped them gain a deeper understanding of energy efficiency.

The best audit reports were presented at the championship final. After the five presentations, the jury and the audience crowned the IES Miguel de Cervantes (Murcia) and IES Antonio Calvin (Almagro, Ciudad Real) as this year’s energy efficiency champions. They received a cash prize of 7000 and 3000 euros respectively. This prize money will be used to carry out the measures proposed by the students to make their schools more energy efficient.

The jury was made up of education and energy experts that assessed the students' presentations. For the first time this year, the final could be followed live on Facebook, Youtube, and Fundación Repsol’s website, which meant that the public could also vote for their favourites.

New edition of Energy with Consciousness

Fundación Repsol announced that a new edition of Energy with Consciousness will be launched for the 2019-2020 academic year on 27th June, with the aim of raising awareness among future generations about the importance of using energy resources responsibly, in addition to awakening their interest in science and showing them the keys to the energy transition.

Educational centres that are interested in taking part in the next edition can sign up for free until 14th October 2019 by filling out the form on our website:

Schools in A Coruña, Bizkaia, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Murcia, and Tarragona will be able to participate in the upcoming year.

Energy with Consciousness brings the world of energy efficiency into their studies by helping them simulate an energy audit of their schools. With the help of Repsol volunteers, a series of scientific and experimental activities are carried out that foster research and creativity skills, as well as teamwork. These activities involve Repsol volunteers, employees,and retirees of the energy company, or students of subjects related to energy efficiency.