Strategic agreement with Microsoft to develop educational projects on energy and climate change

The collaboration promotes educational innovation and considers the development of actions to bring key concepts about energy, energy transition, and climate change to the classrooms, incentivising the use of new technologies and promoting knowledge.
Antonio Brufau, Presidente de Repsol y su Fundación y Pilar López, Presidenta de Microsoft España, acompañados de António Calçada, Director general de Fundación Repsol junto a los equipos de ambas entidades que han trabajado en este acuerdo estratégico.

The President of Repsol and its Foundation, Antonio Brufau and the President of Microsoft Spain, Pilar López, have signed this agreement today with the objective of enhancing the training process of young people in an innovative way, offering content on energy, energy transition, and climate change to educational facilities, including the use of new technologies in the classroom and promoting teacher and student participation in this process.

The signing of this agreement strengthens one the Repsol Foundation’s strategic lines such as the disclosure of energy knowledge among young people and it is part of Repsol’s global digital transformation strategy that the Company is carrying out.

This initiative reinforces the Repsol Foundation’s bet on education as a key tool to face the challenges of the future of energy. For this, the development of educational projects whose goal is to sensitise students on the importance of the responsible use of energy, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting reflection and critical analysis.

In this sense, Antonio Brufau, said that "the energy transition challenge and the fight against climate change must be addressed with strict knowledge and technology. This alliance with Microsoft will drive educational innovation by integrating the most advanced technological solutions with content related to energy and sustainability, involving young people and the educational community in general in the global challenges of the planet."

On its part, the President of Microsoft Spain, Pilar López, stated that "at Microsoft, we are convinced that we have the responsibility and opportunity of playing a key role to achieve a more sustainable future and we defend the use of technology to face the great climate and environmental challenges that we face. This future is forged today in elementary schools, high schools, and universities and with this agreement with the Repsol Foundation, we want to contribute to the outreach and training about energy transition in the educational environment. We want to provide them with this knowledge in the best way and prepare them to create an emissions-free world thanks to the application of technology."

The agreement considers multiple lines of work that include the joint disclosure of the contents of Repsol Foundation's educational platform; the training of educators, for which Microsoft has the educational transformation space , Microsoft Edulab, where it shoes what classrooms should be like in to integrate the key elements of the teaching-learning environments in accordance with the requirements of the XXI century, as well as the use of game-based learning tools and Microsoft’s collaboration to develop new curricular content related to energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

The collaboration between Repsol Foundation and Microsoft Iberia also includes the intention to explore the possibilities of technical integration of the Repsol Foundation's digital platform with the Microsoft Teams platform for the educational environment. This is a tool that promotes productivity and collaborative work in any location, intuitively and simply between students, educators, and instructors, to who Microsoft offers this tool completely free. Implemented in 156 countries, Teams is already used in over 3400 educational centres in Spain.

Microsoft Iberia is the subsidiary of Microsoft Corp. in Spain. The company has become a leader in terms of research, development, and implementation of technologies that promote personalised and inclusive learning worldwide, and stands out for its diversity of formats and tools that facilitate the distribution of knowledge and the promotion of digital talent. Currently, 75 million people use Windows 10 devices for educational purposes, with an annual average of 97 hours saved for the educators that use Microsoft in Education tools.

The Repsol Foundation bets on education as a fundamental tool to face the challenges of the future, since the new generations are key to address the new challenges. The Foundation has a line of action centred in bringing the key concepts to the classrooms on energy transition and climate change, contributing to raising awareness among children and young people about the importance of efficient energy use and promoting critical analysis and reflection. Every year, over 50 000 people participate in the Repsol Foundation’s educational activities.