Support for adapted winter sport

Fundación Repsol takes part in the second CDIA Aran Snow Event organized by the Adapted Winter Sports Centre.
Support for adapted winter sport

Once again, Fundación Repsol has lent its support to the CDIA Aran Snow Event, which took place in the Valle de Aran and was organised by the Adapted Winter Sports Centre (CDIA), which runs the High Performance, Training, and Talent Search programmes of the Spanish Federation of Sport for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF) and the Spanish Federation of Sport for People with Cerebral Palsy (FEDPC).

During the week-long event, athletes, coaches, and collaborators had the opportunity to spend time together both on the ski slopes and in training sessions with the aim of taking adapted winter sports to new heights, looking ahead to the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang.

One of the objectives of this event was to publicise the CDIA's athletes, teams, and programmes and to strengthen communication channels and the presence and visibility of adapted winter sports in the media to disseminate and promote them, as well as to facilitate the integration of athletes with disabilities in society through sport.

The presentation of the event, held at the offices of the General Council of Aran, was attended by Lola Zamarra Arjonilla, director of the Social and Volunteering Area at Fundación Repsol; Miguel Ángel García Alfaro, managing director of FEDDF; Antonio Ranchal González, technical director of FEDPC; and José María García, journalist and CDIA ambassador, along with the vice-sindic d’Aran, César Ruíz Canela.

The philosophy behind the CDIA Aran Snow Event is based on the universal values that all participants hold dear: first and foremost, integration, respect, and equality. This initiative is one example of Fundación Repsol's commitment to the complete integration of people with disabilities through sport.