Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia's Annual Concert

This concert is a part of Fundación Repsol's cultural support programme. For many years now, Repsol has been collaborating with the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia (O.S.G.) to bring music and people together.
Image of The Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia

Fundación Repsol is supporting the Symphonic Orchestra of Galicia's (O.S.G.) activity once again, focusing on the educational Programme, Son Futuro. In addition to this, the annual concert will be celebrated on Friday 22nd of February at the Palacio de la Ópera in A Coruña. On this occasion, the O.S.G. will perform the pieces, Concerto for violin and orchestra, in D major, op. 77 by Johannes Brahms, and the 7 th Symphony in A major, op. 92 by Ludwig Van Beethoven.

The concert was attended by the new Vice President of Fundación Repsol, António Calçada, and the Mayor of A Coruña, Xulio Ferreiro. They were accompanied by a Government Delegate, Javier Losada; the Mayor of Arteixo, Carlos Calvelo; the Director of Fundación Repsol's Institutional Area, Gonzalo Vázquez; the Director of Repsol's Refinery, Javier Sancho, alongside other Company Directors. Also present were representatives of the business, political, and social sectors in support of the concert, which was lead by artistic director and soloist, David Grimal.

Commitment to the O.S.G.

This concert demonstrates Repsol's and the Fundación's commitment to culture and its aim of bringing music and people together.

Fundación Repsol focuses its support towards the orchestra's educational programme Son Futuro, whose objective it is to train young people in music. Fundación Repsol's collaboration is directed towards promoting initiatives such as the Children's and Young People's Orchestra, Youth Choir, and Young Singers of the O.S.G., as well as educational concerts for pupils and families put on by the Galician Symphony Orchestra.