Thirteen scholarships for university students with disabilities

For a fourth year, Fundación Repsol has provided scholarships to 13 students with disabilities studying undergraduate or master's degrees in technical subjects.

The goal of this university scholarship programme is to promote access for people with different abilities to undergraduate and master's programmes related to engineering, physics, mathematics, or geology, thereby promoting equal opportunities in education and professional training, as well as providing support for talented young people.

In this fourth edition of the scholarships, Fundación Universia has once again worked with Fundación Repsol to promote the initiative and select candidates.

Students receiving scholarships

The undergraduate students chosen to receive scholarships are studying physics and different types of engineering. The chosen master's students are studying chemical engineering, industrial engineering, meteorology, and geophysics.

They are currently studying at Carlos III University of Madrid, the University of Valladolid, Complutense University of Madrid, the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, the Universitat Politècnica de València, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech, the University of Burgos, and the King Juan Carlos I University of Madrid.

Fundación Repsol offers a maximum of €5000 to each student for a full academic year, which can be extended for another year depending on the duration of the master's and up to three times in the case of undergraduate degrees.

This school year, five new scholarships have been awarded (three undergraduate and two master's) and eight scholarship renewals have been granted to students who had received them in previous years (five undergraduate and three master's).

Since this scholarship programme began in 2014, a total of 25 university students with disabilities have been awarded financial aid.

For more information, interested parties can send an email to: