Training to empower victims of gender-based violence

Fundación Repsol and Fundación Integra have trained 20 women as part of the Women moving towards employment programme.
Program formation session Walking towards employment

This is the fifth year of the Women moving towards employment programme, a training project launched by Fundación Repsol and Fundación Integra to improve the employment prospects of women that have suffered gender-based violence. The aim is to help them get a job that makes them feel in control of their lives and take on the future with a positive outlook.

This year a total of 20 women (11 in Madrid and 9 in Seville) have completed a training and work experience programme at Repsol's service stations, which helped them to develop their social skills and become mentally stronger through workshops lead by Repsol volunteers. These volunteers gave their time and experience to help women value their personal qualities, improve their self-esteem, create support groups, and gain confidence to enter the job market successfully.

The project consists in a six-month comprehensive training programme — three months focused on theory and three on practice — held in four-hour sessions from Monday to Thursday. This year the participants were mostly customer service representatives. They have received specific training and have acquired the tools and experience they need to enter the job market.

At the end of the course, nine women from Madrid and seven from Seville had found employment. In the five years since the launch of this project, it has helped 91 victims of gender-based violence to improve their employment prospects and find a job.

This initiative began as a pilot project in Madrid in 2014. Since then, it has taken place in other cities such as A Coruña, Puertollano, and Tarragona, in addition to Seville for the first time this year.