Visit to Cartagena's Roman Forum

More than 3000 people had the chance to visit the archaeological restoration of the Roman Forum being undertaken with the support of Fundación Repsol.

Over 3000 people went to the open day at the Roman Forum organised by Cartagena Port of Cultures. It was a unique opportunity to see the latest finds from this archaeological restoration project, which is being undertaken with the support of Fundación Repsol.

Visitors were able to stroll through the streets of the Roman Forum district and view it from the platform and walkways, getting an up-close look at this enclave that is steeped in history. Also, some visitors were able to enter the area of the Temple of Isis as part of a guided tour.

The holy area of the Temple of Isis, which was excavated during phase II of the project, has led to the discovery of a small temple, possibly dedicated to the deities Isis and Serapis. It's structure is similar to other shrines dedicated to Serapis in Ostia Antica and to Isis in Pompeii. The three shrines and their original surroundings have been restored, including the underground pools which formed part of the rituals performed in honour of the goddess. Among the most notable pieces are a fragment of a sculpture which is thought to have belonged to the bottom part of a statue of Isis.

Since 2013, Fundación Repsol has worked vigorously in the archaeological restoration of the Roman Forum in Cartagena as part of its commitment to the cultural development of this city, as well as to its heritage. The archaeological work is divided into four phases, and when completed should include the creation of an exhibit area in the part of the Roman city where the nobility lived.

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