Vocational scholarship programme

Fundación Repsol has opened its vocational scholarship programmes to promote training in technical areas, in collaboration with the Repsol and Petronor industrial complexes. These programmes will increase the employability of more than 100 young people.
Fundación Repsol vocational training scholarship programme opened

Fundación Repsol has opened the Vocational Training (VT) scholarship programmes for students in intermediate and advanced vocational training, in collaboration with the Repsol and Petronor industrial complexes. Each scholarship is aimed at one particular discipline.

In total, up to 111 VT scholarships will be awarded. Each advanced student will receive between €800 and €1500 and each intermediate student will receive between €800 and €1000.

The scholarships are organised by geographic areas, and students from the following cities may apply: A Coruña, Murcia, Bizkaia, Ciudad Real, and Tarragona. The application period remains open for applications in Murcia, Bizkaia, and Ciudad Real, and the application period will soon begin in Tarragona. To participate, you must fill out the corresponding form and send it according to the instructions provided with each form:

This initiative is part of Fundación Repsol's commitment to increasing knowledge in order to meet new training and educational demands and improve the employability of the young beneficiaries.