Volunteers with experience

Fundación Repsol and CEATE (Spanish Confederation of Classrooms for the Elderly) have launched the fifth edition of Senior Energy. With the slogan 'The challenges of water', they are organizing different activities to help volunteers over 55 to stay informed on the latest developments in energy transition, science, and culture.
Repsol Volunteers during the Senior Energy programme

Senior Energy is a programme centred on training senior cultural volunteers, with the objective of keeping them up-to-date on the latest in science, technology, and culture.

During these months, the participants, all aged over 55, will have the opportunity to attend informational sessions and tours that will prepare them for their activity as cultural volunteers in various museums.

One of the main topics is related to energy transition, science, and research. During the sessions they'll participate in forums discussing questions like offshore wind energy, they'll discover the secrets to the Oceánica de Canarias Platform, a R&D laboratory floating in the sea, or, they'll get to know the details of Life Ip Intemares, the largest marine conservation project in Europe. Other subjects will also be addressed including the expansion of the Panama Canal or the success of future “Made in Spain” materials: perovskite and smartpool.

Additionally, with the aim of connecting seniors to the present, conferences on Smart cities, the possibility of finding water on Mars, and some of the methods to identify fake news will be offered.

They'll also get to experience the whole Community of Madrid's water cycle in situ, visiting various facilities coordinated by Canal Isabel II that is dedicated to supplying the region.

In addition, Senior Energy will begin an annual cycle of Conversations with Female Scientists. They will help raise awareness about the past and present contributions women have made to the world of science.

In the fields of art, culture, and history, a special Course on great painters will be offered, and in particular, the life and works of Ulpiano Checa. They will also attend a historical seminar related to the fifth centennial of the world's first circumnavigation.

This programme includes a section for training the new volunteers and another for the veterans to learn about the latest technologies used in the museums.

These are just some of the activities planned for this 2019 edition of Senior Energy, an initiative born to showcase the value our senior citizens' activities and everything they have to contribute to society.

The participants are part of the team of senior cultural volunteers, some of whom are among the Repsol volunteers sharing their knowledge with the rest of society in different museums and cultural centres.

Right now you can find Repsol volunteers in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid and the Naval Museum of Cartagena (Murcia), among others.