We bring the world of energy closer to young people at the Engineering Campus

Once again this year, Fundación Repsol participated in the UPCT's Engineering Campus, an event that seeks to spark young people’s interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) disciplines.
Students visiting Fundación Repsol’s Mobile Classroom at UPCT’s Engineering Campus.

Participants discovered the world of energy and the importance of energy efficiency through the Mobile Classroom. Inside, students completed different interactive educational activities to learn about the oil and gas value chain, exploration and production processes, the functioning of a refinery through a virtual model, and some of the derivative products obtained in the petrochemical industry that are present in our day-to-day.

The Classroom uses cutting-edge technology like augmented reality, an interactive wall, touchscreens, and other audiovisual elements. Furthermore, it is accessible for people with disabilities.

In addition, through its Chair at UPCT, Fundación Repsol organised the game “Energy Taboo,” which took place in the Events Hall of the School of Highway Engineering. This surprising game mixes knowledge about energy and the Chair's activities. Students had to guess different energy-related concepts through sketches or spoken definitions, but without using certain words. What's more, we made this challenge even harder by separating the team members and the person who had to communicate the word so they couldn't see each other. This meant they had to use a system currently being developed by the Chair, which simulates the difficulties faced by people with visual disabilities in lectures or classes.

The Engineering Campus also received a visit from Ana Belén Castejón, the Mayor of Cartagena; Juan Monzó, General Director of Universities and Research in the Region of Murcia; Alejandro Díaz, Rector of the UPCT; and Óscar Gómez, Director of Engineering and Maintenance at the Repsol Industrial Facility in Cartagena.

Fundación Repsol - Committed to education

Our participation in the UPCT Engineering Campus is part of Fundación Repsol’s LearningEnergy programme, which aims to make future generations aware of the challenges of the energy transition, spark their critical thinking skills, and raise awareness so that they build a more sustainable world for all.

In addition to the Mobile Classroom, this educational programme includes LearningEnergy workshopsEnergy with Consciousness, and Science and Energy Week, which will be held around the month of November in Cartagena.

Since 2015, Fundación Repsol has a Chair at the UPCT, which was started with the objective of promoting students' skills and knowledge so that they can launch innovative projects for society.

One of the lines of work is aimed at using technology to improve quality of life for people with disabilities. To do so, a device is being developed that allows students with visual disabilities to follow classes more easily by viewing both the speaker and the material being projected on a screen.

Another area of collaboration with the Chair is the promotion of circular economy projects by awarding an annual prize to the best thesis on sustainability.

The third line is promoting activities that disseminate information on the challenges of energy