We have chosen the finalists of Tu proyecto cuenta 2018

The thirteen finalists of this Fundación Repsol initiative have been selected with the collaboration of five leading organizations in the sphere of disabilities.
Tu proyecto cuenta

As part of our commitment to the social integration of people with disabilities through training, Fundación Repsol launched a new edition of Tu proyecto cuenta (Your project counts) in March. We can now reveal the projects which have made it to the final.

Five leading organisations in the field of disability — FIAPAS, AEDIS, CNSE, COCEMFE, and Feafes Empleo — preselected the thirteen finalist projects from among the 149 proposals received for training projects aimed at people with disabilities.

The thirteen successful projects are:


  • AFAS (Family and Friends of People with Disabilities Association): Through the project Ruta Blanca, they provide training, occupation, and employment at industrial laundries close to Tomelloso (Ciudad Real)
  • Aproscom Fundació: Through the project Som Riu, students at the organisation's occupation and training centres in Manacor (Balearic Islands) build their skills set by creating a design studio.
  • ASPRONAGA (Association for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Galicia): Through the project Imagina-TIC in Oleiros (A Coruña), they aim to train a group of users who will subsequently train their colleagues in the digitalisation process, acquiring technological support.


  • ASZA (Deaf Association of Zaragoza): The "Road safety for the deaf and hard of hearing: your accessible driving licence" project is carried out in Zaragoza.
  • Fundación CNSE for breaking down communication barriers: Building the skills of unemployed deaf people in Madrid through online training and work experience as a specialist in Spanish sign language.


  • Huelva DEAFES Committee in Arroyomolinos de León: The project "Happy Tomatoes: workplace inclusion and mental health" is an informative workshop on looking after a vegetable patch and jam-making.
  • Fundación Empleo y Salud Mental (Employment and Mental Health Foundation): Through the job skills school Activajob, they offer training courses for mental health professionals in workplace inclusion areas in Guadalajara.
  • VEUS (Catalan Federation of In-person Mental Health Organizations): They offer activities that promote the independence and outlook of people with mental health problems in Barcelona.


  • ASPAS (Association of Parents of Deaf Children in Salamanca):  "Listen to me: English for deaf students" is a project that aims to teach English to children and young people with aural disabilities.
  • FUNCASOR (Canary Islands Foundation for Deaf People and their Families): Equipment for setting up the assisted living facility En compañia in La Matanza de Acentejo (Santa Cruz, Tenerife), which aims to help deaf people and those with associated disabilities live more independently.


  • ADELA (Spanish Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association): The "Caring for you" project offers training for families taking care of people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in Madrid.
  • AMBAR (Association for people with functional diversity): Through the project "I.Work", they drive a more inclusive working culture in Barbanza, A Coruña.
  • Asociación Amica (Amica Association): They promote the training and employment of people with disabilities in caring for the land, environmental recuperation, and accessible trails in the rural parts of Mancomunidad de Buñol-Chiva in the Valencian Community.

This strategy, which is aimed at encouraging a full range of development initiatives for people with disabilities through training programs and personal and vocational development schemes, offers a total sum of €100 000, which will be divided between the selected projects. We will find out the winners on 20th June. The panel is made up of a team of expert consultants and members of organisations that are involved in the initiative.