We now know the selected projects of Entrepreneurial Volunteering 2021


Six projects designed by Repsol Volunteers, in collaboration with a social organisation, have received the support of the Repsol Foundation through the Entrepreneurial Volunteering programme to set them up in five countries where the Repsol Group is present.

This is an innovative initiative that allows Repsol employees and retirees to take the initiative and design, together with a social organisation, a volunteering project with a positive impact on their immediate environment.

The deadline for submitting applications was 1 June and we received a total of 11 proposals, submitted by teams of Repsol volunteers from 6 countries (2 in Spain, 3 in Bolivia, 2 in Peru, 1 in Venezuela, 1 in Colombia, and 1 in Vietnam).

When preparing the proposals, Repsol volunteers collaborated directly with different social organisations in their immediate environment, with the aim of responding to real needs in the social and environmental sphere within the framework of the energy transition. More than 5,400 people will benefit directly from this partnership.

After evaluating the proposals, taking into account the social impact, the mobilisation of volunteers, the sustainability and scalability of the proposals, as well as their degree of innovation, an evaluation committee from the Repsol Foundation, in collaboration with experts from Fundación Lealtad, selected a total of eight projects:

Children's forest (BONI, in its initials in Spanish) – Peru : A BONI (children and young people forest) is a forest space that adults deliver to children and young people to promote biodiversity together by planting native trees, creating shelters, and drinking troughs for wild and domestic animals, growing food and medicinal plants, reusing water, reducing, recycling, and producing compost, etc.

Anzoátegui Circular – Venezuela : classification of plastic (collected from homes, schools, and companies) and transformation in a grinding machine, reconverting it into raw material to be marketed in a local recycling company, incorporating it into other life cycles. The proceeds are invested in socio-economic, psychological, and recreational support for children and young people admitted to the children's haematological unit of the University Hospital of Anzoátegui, with special attention to defraying the costs of medical examinations and treatments.

Choose your energy – Spain : this consists of developing a training programme on energy efficiency, to train groups at greater risk of poverty in this field, through mentoring and direct active support, both in person and virtually.

Your neighbourhood, your spaceship – Spain : creation of a digital platform for the exchange of used goods through bartering, raising awareness of the positive impact that this activity has on the economy, as well as minimising the environmental impact footprint, facilitating the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Young people training in triple impact entrepreneurship - Bolivia : promoting training programmes under the "learning by doing" modality with direct recruitment processes in the identified topics, either in person or virtually, developing productive capacities among the young people of the Municipality of Porongo. At the end of the process, they will be in a position to implement their business and marketing plan in productive areas that will add value to the region's own products, for which a map of opportunities will be drawn up.

Hydroponic system for strawberry production – Bolivia: construction of an environmentally sustainable production system, using a hydroponic system for strawberry production, in order to generate economic income for 20 families at high risk of social exclusion that form part of the services of SOS Children's Villages Bolivia.

Each of these initiatives will run until October 2022. To this end, the Repsol Foundation is providing these projects with around 5,000 euros each and will support them in recruiting new volunteers. During this time, the team of Repsol volunteers promoting each project is working together with the social organisation in the development of the project. Congratulations to those selected! We will soon give you all the updates.