We've got 44 teams looking for innovative solutions

What problems do we face every day? Can we come up with innovative solutions? These are the two questions 44 teams comprised of Vocational Training (VT) students, teachers, and Repsol volunteers are asking themselves.
VT students work on innovative projects as part of Fundación Repsol's Entrepreneurship in VT initiative

The first step to finding a solution is analysing the problem. If you're working with a team that's overflowing with talent, enthusiasm, and creativity, the answer might be a project with the power to transform lives.

This is where the Entrepreneurship in VT participants currently find themselves. After six intensive training sessions, the teachers, VT students, and Repsol volunteers are now in the ideation phase, brainstorming ways to solve everyday problems.

Launch meetings were held at each one of the four locations in which the project is taking place (A Coruña, Ciudad Real, Murcia, and Tarragona) to get the ball rolling. This gave team members the opportunity to share their experiences and meet the other participants. Now it's time to get down to business and find an idea that will get the project up and running!

A total of 202 students from different areas of VT will be coming together for a number of weeks of creativity and teamwork with their teachers and more than 30 Repsol volunteers, who will advise the students as they develop a technology-based business project that meets a real need.

In addition to employees from the energy company, the team of Repsol volunteers also includes members of SECOT (Spanish Seniors for Technical Cooperation), who can help the students by sharing the managerial experiences they've had in big companies.

We'll let you know how the projects are advancing soon! All the proposals must be submitted in March, and the best ones will receive an award.

This is the first edition of the Entrepreneurship in VT programme, which supports the talent of Vocational Training students. This initiative is being carried out in collaboration with CISE (Santander International Entrepreneurship Centre), and 25 schools are participating this year.