Women moving toward employment, hand in hand with Fundación Repsol and Fundación Integra

For the fourth year in a row, the Women moving toward employment project starts its training programme to improve the quality of life for women who have suffered gender-based violence.

Fundación Repsol and Fundación Integra, in collaboration with Repsol, are initiating their fourth consecutive year of the Women moving toward employment project, which contributes to improving the quality of life for women who have suffered gender-based violence.

The project, which will take place in Madrid, Tarragona, Coruña, and Puertollano this year, has set an objective to help 20 women who have been victims of gender-based violence. The project will help empower these women, who all fit the profile for working in administrative roles, to start a new phase in their lives through their incorporation into the professional world.

This project seeks to support women as they overcome the consequences and the damage caused by gender-based violence. It aims to improve their self-esteem and their confidence in both themselves and their ability to find a job to support their families and start a new life free of violence.

The project supports their search for employment and integration in the workforce through a six-month comprehensive training programme with empowerment workshops. Different paths to professional life, both employed and self-employed, are also explored.

Repsol volunteers collaborate with this programme by contributing their time and experience to the participants through training and orientation sessions which help these women to value their own abilities, improve their self-esteem, create support groups, and gain confidence to successfully take on their entrance into the workforce.

Following the training, the women are given the opportunity to complete a period of work experience in different areas of the Repsol Group.

This initiative, which began as a pilot project in Madrid in 2014, has helped over 50 women begin a new life free of violence and abuse.