Women who are victims of gender violence get their life back thanks to the Women moving towards employment project

Over a period of six months, 10 women have received training in social and work-related skills from Repsol volunteers, and also got the opportunity to practise what they had learned in our service stations. Eighty percent of the participants had found employment by the end of the project.
Closing ceremony

By the end of the Women walking towards employment training project organised by Fundación Repsol and Fundación Integra in Madrid, aimed at female victims of gender violence that have a high-level of education, 80% of participants had found employment.

The closing ceremony was held in the offices of Savills Aguirre Newman in Madrid and was attended by Carmen Arrabe, Campsared People and Organisation manager at Repsol; António Calçada, Vice Chairman of Fundación Repsol; and Ana Botella, Executive Chairwoman of Fundación Integra.

Carmen Arrabe explained that Campsared has been involved in the Women walking towards employment programme since 2014, giving over 25 participants the opportunity to put their newly learned skills into practise at our service stations. Some of these people were hired and continue working with us. "We are very proud because this programme shows it is possible to combine a social responsibility strategy with a business strategy, foreseeing future needs and offering employment opportunities to groups that have special difficulty finding work", she added.

Antonio Calçada stated that the success of this programme lies in the strong commitment of all those involved, who all work together to achieve the project's objectives: empowering women, helping them regain their confidence to find work, and giving them an opportunity to start afresh.

Ana Botella thanked Fundación Repsol and Repsol for their commitment and collaboration on the project, "which represents a new start for these women, because we have seen an incredible change in them from the start of the programme up until now".

This project, which is already in its sixth year, involved 10 women that had suffered gender violence, and eight of them had found a job before the end of the programme.

This project aims to improve the employment prospects of these women and make them stronger to help them get back their hope, motivation, and self-confidence by helping them to change their lives, giving them the support they need to take the reins and decide their own future. Finding a job helps them to start a new life away from the violence.

Over a period of six months, these women attended a series of training sessions given by 20 Repsol volunteers on how to find a job, and also got to put what they had learned into practise at Repsol service stations.

Since Fundación Repsol and Fundación Integra launched this project in 2014, over 100 women have received training and got back into the workplace, helping them to start a new life and get their independence back.

A good job helps them to become strong women once again, to be independent and provide for their children, to be fulfilled women that are proud of themselves.