Words in the air: a contest of words to build a better world

You have until February 28th to present the word that will inspire the illustration of a free postcard, and the winner will have the opportunity go on a hot air balloon.
Words in the Air contest poster

As part of the More culture, More inclusion project, Fundación Repsol and Plena Inclusión Madrid have published the terms and conditions of the Words in the Air contest, which aims to encourage the use of words that will move us to build a better world.

The contest will be open until February 28th, and anyone with or with out a disability can participate. To do so, you must fill out anapplication form with your personal details and propose up to three words, along with their corresponding definition and an example sentence.

All the proposed words will be entered gradually into the Diccionario Fácil database, the first easy-to-read Spanish dictionary, in order to promote their daily use and make their meanings known.

The winning word selected by the jury will be used as inspiration by a renowned illustrator, who will design a free postcard that will contain the word, its definition, and the contest winner's name. This postcard will be distributed in theaters, cinemas, libraries, and cultural centers in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, and Vitoria starting April 23rd.

For Plena Inclusión Madrid and Fundación Repsol, words condition the way we relate to the world and play an important transformational role when it comes to constructing reality. In this sense, the contest wishes to nurture the Diccionario Fácil with words for a better world and make them part of the collective imagination of its users, over a million in the last year.

You can consult the terms and conditions of the contest here.