A world full of energy

What are the present and future energy-related challenges that we face? What are the primary energy sources available today? Which energy mix is the most sustainable? What is the circular economy? These and other questions were posed to the over 6300 primary and secondary school students who participated in the LearningEnergy workshops during the 2017 – 201818 school year.
Primary school students taking part in Fundación Repsol's LearningEnergy workshops

The LearningEnergy workshops offer a fun and different way of bringing the world of energy into the classroom. Students from the 6th year of primary school and the 3rd year of secondary school (aged 11 – 12 and 14 – 15) enjoy an energy-filled day with activities and games guided by specialised instructors.

They become energy managers for a day with The Great Energy Mix Challenge, deciding in teams how to supply a city or country with energy in the most sustainable way possible.

They also must successfully complete the challenges of the Energy Game Circuit, in which they put their knowledge about energy and sustainability to the test and discover the circular economy.

In the 2017 – 2018 school year, the workshop travelled to 130 schools in A Coruña, Cartagena, Madrid, Puertollano, Tarragona, and Vizcaya, reaching more than 6300 primary and secondary school students.

This initiative will be back in September! Take a look at our agenda, and if your school is interested in participating write to us at fundacionrepsol@esciencia.es or call +34 976 875 237 for more information. In September they will travel to Bizkaia, in November to Tarragona and from the spring of 2019 they will visit A ​​Coruña, Cartagena, Puertollano and Madrid.

Fundación Repsol has also offered other fun and dynamic educational activities this past school year, participating in the Repsol Science and Energy Weeks in Puertollano and Cartagena. Over 13 000 visitors enjoyed the exhibits, energy workshops, and conferences at this event — for example, the conferences given by scientific reporter Antonio Martínez Ron (who has participated in various TV programmes) and César Bona, nominee for the Global Teacher Prize in 2014, considered to be a Nobel Prize for teaching. Fundación Repsol also organised the show "Big-Time Science" with its XXL-sized experiments, and the science show "Mission Cosmos: A voyage to discover the history of energy" by Dani Jiménez.

Also for the first time, Fundación Repsol participated in YoMo (The Youth Mobile Festival), the leading educational fair in innovation and technology, held as part of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and attended by more than 14 000 young people.

These activities form part of the LearningEnergy educational programme, which is focused on spreading awareness about the world of energy, the challenges it poses for the future, and the circular economy, especially among young people. Other activities, such as Energy with Consciousness and the Mobile Classroom, are carried out in addition to these workshops. All in all, more than 59 000 young people participated in this programme during the 2017 – 2018 school year. Dare to discover a world full of energy with us!