Young People with a Future

A training programme for young people with difficulties to access the labour market, carried out by Fundación Repsol and Fundación Iter.
Project students during their internship at a Repsol service station

The project Young People with a Future, carried out by Fundación Repsol and Fundación Iter, has made it possible for fifteen young people in vulnerable situations and with difficulties to access the labour market to improve their employability.

This has been achieved through a comprehensive educational programme, where they have learned to perform the duties of salespeople/clerks at service stations, with the participation of the Repsol Higher Training Centre and Campsared.

The participants are young people between the ages of 18 and 23, with a high degree of motivation and ability to learn.

In the first phase, the fifteen students participated in a 20-hour training programme, where they worked on different personal, social, and employment skills, taught by technical staff and volunteers from Fundación ITER. 

Students then completed the theoretical programme in the service station salesperson/clerk course at the Repsol Corporate Learning Centre, where, for almost three weeks, they worked on different classroom-based modules related to customer service.

After completing the theoretical course, these young people completed 150-hour internships at eight Repsol service stations in Madrid, which enabled them to get the help of professionals in the company.

The young people receive support from the professionals of Fundación ITER throughout the process, with coaching, empowerment and sessions that help build their self-esteem. They were also offered a 300 euro scholarship that helped them to stay in the programme for the three month duration of the project, as well as a transport scholarship.

The project ended with a diploma ceremony with the participation of Ignacio Egea, Vice-Chair of Fundación Repsol; Javier del Barrio, Chairman of Fundación ITER; Marcelo Pisani, Director of the Repsol Direct Management Network; and Jaime Martínez, Corporate Director of Culture, Internal Communication, and People Development at Repsol.

Furthermore, two students and one of the managers of the participating service stations shared their experience with attendees.

This project is part of Fundación Repsol's commitment to the integration of vulnerable groups through education, with the goal of improving their employability and job placement.

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