Volunteering and social inclusion

We promote corporate volunteering for contributing to the energy transition and encourage social inclusion in the energy and sustainability sector through the professional development of people with disabilities or those at risk of marginalization.

Repsol Volunteering

The Volunteering Plan has different programs for employees and people within the Repsol Group community. Additionally, some activities are also available for everyone who shares Company values and wants to collaborate as volunteers.

At voluntariado.fundacionrepsol.com, you can become a volunteer and get to know the different initiatives, so that you can decide when and how you wish to participate.

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Social and volunteering projects dedicated to the SDGs

More than 3000 people have already joined the Repsol volunteers team

Commitment to society

With the goal of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are promoting the creation of an ecosystem that allows for training and comprehensive development of vulnerable groups in order to contribute to resolving challenges in the energy transition. So, we develop various projects that promote equal opportunities and employment.

In addition, we have different initiatives, such as More than Words, or social projects call for proposals with Repsol Industrial Complexes in Spain through we support projects that promote improvements in the quality of life of people in vulnerable situations, or those that encourage the social integration of groups at risk of marginalization.

Environmental activities

We are contributing to the fight against climate change through reforestation projects that help to reduce CO2 emissions and improve the environment by encouraging the collaboration of Repsol volunteers and promoting the participation of social agents in those environments.