The Foundation

Fundación Repsol is one of the means by which Repsol fulfils its commitment to social responsibility, acting as a channel for the group’s social and cultural work. Its objective is to contribute to social wellbeing, improve people’s quality of life, and achieve greater social, educational, environmental and cultural development, especially in the regions where the company operates.

  • 186.315beneficiaries 2018
  • 9.5M €investment 2018
  • 180collaborators 2018


Fundación Repsol is working to contribute to a better society, undertaking its own projects and projects in collaboration with leading entities in areas where, due to the Foundation’s expertise, know-how and experience, or those of Repsol, a greater contribution can be made. Fundación Repsol channels Social Energy, the energy from people through their actions, aimed at fostering a sustainable future, achieving greater social, educational, environmental and cultural development and encouraging solidarity, responsible attitudes and commitment, benefiting society as a whole and acting especially in the areas in which the company operates, in Spain and abroad.


Fundación Repsol aims to contribute to society's improvement and progress, generating value through Social Energy.

We are Social Energy

We believe in people's energy

Good Governance Transparency
Somos Energía Social


The Foundation embodies the same values as the company. Our decisions are based on integrity, responsibility, transparency, flexibility and innovation.

  • Integrity

    We work to increase the wellbeing of people and the environment in the areas where the company operates, acting in accordance with our assumed commitments.
  • Responsibility

    In working to achieve our goals we take into account the global impact of our decisions and actions on people, the environment and the planet.
  • Transparency

    We work in such a way as to ensure that all our actions can be reported truthfully, clearly and comparably, and we view information as one of the Foundation’s assets, which we share in order to generate value.
  • Flexibility

    Active listening enables us to achieve our goals in a balanced and sustained way.
  • Innovation

    We believe that the key to our competitiveness and evolution lies in our ability to generate ideas and put them into practice in an atmosphere of collaboration and ongoing collective learning.
We have commitments in several countries

we contribute to social, environmental, and cultural development in the areas where Repsol operates, in Spain and around the world.

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