At Repsol Foundation, we understand that the exercise of responsibility requires good governance, transparency, and accountability. Good governance helps us transform our mission into results, create value, efficiently utilise our resources, and build trust. The Fundación has a Code of Good Governance, a Supplier and Collaborator Code of Ethics and Conduct, and a Crime Prevention Model.

Code of Good Governance

The aim of this Code of Good Governance is to set out the general guidelines governing the conduct of Repsol Foundation, the members of its Board of Trustees and its other organs and employees in carrying out the activities used to pursue its aims as a foundation.

In line with best corporate governance practice, the Board of Trustees of Repsol Foundation approved this Code of Good Governance at its meeting on 21 November 2012 in order to ensure greater transparency and better meet the foundation’s aims.

Code of Good Governance(332 Kb)

Supplier and collaborator code of ethics and conduct

Though independent organisations, suppliers play an active role in the value chain of Repsol Foundation’s activities. This code, which is marked by an ideal of cooperation, is therefore intended to achieve reciprocal benefit in full respect of each party’s work at all times.

Considering these premises, the Board of the Repsol Foundation in meeting on 19 November 2013 approved this Supplier code of ethics and conduct.

Supplier and collaborator code of ethics and conduct(202 Kb)

Crime Prevention Model

The Repsol Foundation Compliance Channel is a confidential medium which can be used to report any possible violations of the foundation's Code of Good Governance or Crime Prevention Model, or anything else which could be considered a risk or suspicion of a crime. Queries may also be made concerning the Repsol Foundation Compliance Channel, Code of Good Governance, or Crime Prevention Model themselves.

Messages and queries may be sent to the following e-mail address:

By using the Compliance Channel, users declare that they are aware of and accept the Terms and Conditions

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