9th Call for proposals Entrepreneurs Fund: Technology and innovation fort he energy transition

Repsol Foundation presented the new startups that have joined its Entrepreneurs Fund in 2020. In this event the entrepreneurs themselves have explained their projects.

-Aloxy (Belgium): IoT (Internet of Things) control of critical valves in industrial plants.

-  Captive Systems (Italy): nanoparticles for eliminating heavy metals in industrial water.

-  Eigen Control Inc. (United States): artificial intelligence applied to distillation operating units.

-  EvoEnzyme (Spain): deterioration of plastics through selected enzymes.

-  Opus 12 (United States): ethylene production from CO2.

-  UniSieve Ltd. (Switzerland): membranes for the separation of propane and propylene that would reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and associated CO2 emissions by 90%.

In addition, Nick Parker, a global expert in Cleantech, innovation and sustainability, introduced some keys on the future technologies related to energy sector.

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