Efficiency and innovation for production processes. Circular Economy Series

In its second session, Martí Parellada, chair professor of Economy at the University of Barcelona and Board of Trustee member of Funseam, started off the session by stating he believes a change in the production model is imperative.

The round table, moderated by Miguel Ángel Patiño, head of research for the Spanish newspaper Expansión, also included the participation of three companies that offer innovative and disruptive solutions in different production areas:

Recircular is a digital platform that puts businesses that want to sell their surplus in contact with those who want to purchase it, finding a use for these resources. Optimitive is a high-tech company centred on the optimisation of industrial processes. E4efficiency is a spin-off of the Enagás group, which takes advantage of cold air being let off in the regasification process at liquefied natural gas plants.

The session closed with a debate on the role of innovation in the search for solutions to reduce our dependency on raw materials, lower energy costs, and increase the life of products in the circular economy.

This event is part of the Repsol Foundation's conference series to promote knowledge and rigorous debate surrounding the challenges of the future of energy.