Webinar ESADEgeo “Energy transition technologies: Power-to-Liquids”

This is the fourth webinar in a series promoted by Repsol Foundation and ESADEgeo, in the framework of our Conference series, in order to delve into some of the lesser-known technologies related to the energy transition.

The first session is focused on waste-to-fuels. This conversion, which can take place through multiple technological pathways, transforms non-food biomass, such as forestry waste and municipal solid waste – into liquid fuels.

It therefore forms one of the avenues towards the decarbonization of the transportation sector, particularly aviation, shipping and heavy road transport.

In this event, the technologies that are being applied are analyzed as well as the challenges and opportunities these fuels provide.

Marie Vandendriessche, senior researcher of EsadeGeo, welcomes everyone. After that,  Miguel Ángel García Carreño, senior manager Process Design of Repsol Technology Lab and Juha Lehtonen, research Professor, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland participate in the event.

This event is part of the Repsol Foundation's conference and forum series to promote knowledge and rigorous debate surrounding the challenges of the future of energy.