The change in model is vital

As part of our strategy, we promote pioneering initiatives based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Optimization of resources, new consumption model, and waste reduction for a sustainable and inclusive energy transition.

We generate and disseminate knowledge about the 7Rs

We support a sustainable consumption model from eco-design.


The circular economy and recycling critical minerals

In the case of critical minerals and rare earth elements used in electronics, recycling is of vital importance given their scarcity.

The commitment to innovation and research projects for efficient recycling of these materials is essential. Also the development of new, more recyclable technologies. A fully efficient energy transition will only be possible by completely overhauling the consumption cycle of these materials.

At the Foundation, we support research projects in this regard, with our energy transition chairs.


Recycling4all, circular economy, and labor inclusion

An initiative in which the Repsol Foundation collaborates with Ilunion, to recycle and reuse waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). Materials reusable in new devices are extracted from the treatment thereof. Thereby reducing the consumption of raw materials and waste generation.

The project currently has 12 centers in Spain, where the labor integration of disabled people is favored.