Workshops to discover the world of energy

Educational project that provides fun experiences to bring children and teenagers closer to the world of energy and its challenges through games and experiments.


Educational project on energy for 5th and 6th grade of Primary and 1st. 2nd and 3rd grade of Secondary school students.

The LearningEnergy Workshops teach students about the importance of creativity, teamwork, and innovation and help them understand today and future's energy challenges, raising their awareness about the importance of using resources responsibly. The workshop contents have also been updated to offer students in the 6th year of primary and 3rd year of secondary school a unique experience.

In the 2020-2021 school year the LearningEnergy workshops are available to schools in Sevilla, Málaga, Zaragoza, Valencia, Santander, Barcelona, and Madrid. Contact us for more information on dates and availability at

Fun, educational energy activities for all levels

What does it consist of?

With these workshops, children and teenagers will learn more about the world of energy in a different way. Instructors lead students through various activities adapted to the age of the participants:

  • In "The Great Energy Mix Challenge" game, students will become energy managers to create a more sustainable city. Participants will need to use various energy sources to rise up to the challenge, but they will also need to take into account the availability of resources, CO2 emissions, and financial cost. With this game, participants learn about the different energy sources, get a better grip on transformation processes, and understand the value and importance of the different energies.
  • Another activity is the "Energy Game Circuit", in which students must play together to successfully complete challenges using all their skills and knowledge about energy and sustainability. This game helps students to understand the importance of using energy resources responsibly to build a more sustainable future.

To learn more about this workshops, you can watch the following video.

Leisure activities

We also organize activities for all ages at different fairs and events:

  • Scientific shows such as "Big Energy", with extra-large experiments, or "Energy is neither created nor destroyed", staged by science reporter and stand up comedian Dani Jiménez.
  • Workshops for children, young people, and families "Oil Explorers" gives participants an opportunity to discover where oil comes from and learn about its natural state in a fun way.
  • Through "The Great Energy Mix Challenge", students learn what energy is and how different forms of energy are managed in a sustainable way.
  • "Transporting CO2" teaches us how different means of transport are powered.
  • With "the circular economy puzzle", we learn what this economy is and how we can contribute to it with everyday objects.