More than 30 women who have been victims of gender-based violence found employment thanks to the Repsol Foundation and Integra

Más de 30 mujeres víctimas de violencia de género logran empleo gracias a Fundación Repsol e Integra

  • The project, ‘Im-pacto: Generating new opportunities', manages to restore confidence and self-esteem to women in vulnerable situations.
  • Since 2013, they have collaborated to provide employment to 196 women victims who have suffered gender-based violence.

The third edition of the 'Im-pacto: Generating new opportunities' project from the Repsol Foundation and the Integra Foundation ensures that 31 women who have suffered gender-based violence find employment.

Thanks to the vocational training in customer service and logistics provided during this project, 55% of the participants have managed to enter the labor market. Both foundations continue working so the rest of the attendees can find their place in the labor market. 

Thirty-eight Repsol Foundation volunteers collaborated in the 'Im-pacto: Generating New Opportunities' project to help provide this training. Another of initiative's goals is for volunteers to become aware of the reality of these women, recognizing the importance of their inclusion in the workplace as a key factor in achieving their independence.

In this way, the program has managed to restore confidence and self-esteem to the women involved, helping them identify, enhance, and develop their abilities and skills. Repsol Foundation and Integra emphasize the importance of these actions, considering them “essential” so that all the women who have taken part become leaders of their own future and serve as an example for other women.