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Commitment to a Net-Zero Emissions future

While we all need to work to decarbonize the economy to achieve this goal, carbon offsetting is also going to play a major role.

In the carbon offsetting area, the Repsol Foundation's star project is Green Engine, the largest-scale reforestation project in Spain and Portugal.

Forests are a natural climate solution as they absorb the CO2 we emit into the atmosphere.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Living leaves a carbon footprint. Everything we consume has left a carbon footprint behind to reach us in transport and/or production. Every time we buy something or charge a phone or computer, when we travel, when we go out to eat, or grab a beer with friends, we’re leaving a carbon footprint behind.

That’s why it is important to implement projects that can remove this carbon emitted into the atmosphere. Under no circumstances should this replace efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, however.

Making the Green Engine Possible. The largest reforestation project on the Iberian Peninsula

Planting oxygen for the energy transition

Enrique Enciso, CEO of Sylvestris, discusses the project

The major challenge is mitigating climate change

Enrique Enciso

CEO and cofounder of Sylvestris

Green Engine Forest a Natural Park

You Can Now Mitigate Your Carbon Footprint with the Green Engine Marketplace

Green Engine is the largest-scale reforestation project on the Iberian Peninsula driving carbon footprint mitigation. We are reforesting while respecting the biodiversity of each environment, creating inclusive local jobs, and boosting the economy in rural locations.