Participate as a Repsol volunteer during the April activities

Have you got any plans for April? We recommend different activities so you can do your bit and give some time to helping out in your local environment. Join the Repsol team of volunteers!

You can now sign up for the Repsol Volunteer activities available for next month. Choose the one you most like and start collaborating!

For example, with the arrival of spring why not spend a morning in the open air with people with disabilities or children at risk of social exclusion at the activity Discovering the Sierra de Guadarrama, where you will learn about the natural history of the setting and the different species that inhabit the region.

Don't miss out! Take a look at all the activities we have prepared for you from Fundación Repsol!

If you are not yet a Repsol volunteer and you would like to help, sign up and take part with your family or friends in one of the activities planned for this month. If you are already a volunteer, all you need to do is sign up for the activity you would like to participate in.

Fundación Repsol also offers Repsol Volunteers the opportunity to participate in the Energy with consciousness project for energy company employees and retirees in A Coruña, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Murcia, Tarragona, and Vizcaya. Throughout April, students will perform an energy audit with the help of their teachers and Repsol volunteers, who will guide them during the two or three weeks of this stage of the project. They will also have the chance to sign up to the Energy with Consciousness Championship and win an award that will allow them to put their proposed improvements for the school into practice.

Also this month, senior cultural volunteers will continue to take part in the Senior Energy training sessions, designed to bring them up-to-date with the latest scientific and technological advances. These activities will help volunteers aged 55 or over to later collaborate as cultural volunteers in different museums.

Sign up and take part in these activities and help to build a better world!