The Repsol Foundation has selected 9 volunteering projects that respond to the challenges and needs of society to promote a just and inclusive energy transition in the following areas: emissions reduction, sustainable mobility, circular economy, and energy efficiency.

This initiative called Leading the change allows Repsol employees and retirees to take the initiative and design, together with a social organization, a volunteering project with a positive impact on their immediate environment.

In this edition, Repsol Volunteers submitted 22 projects in seven different countries (Spain, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, and Gambia). In the end, 9 were selected by a Repsol Foundation evaluation committee, together with experts from Fundación Lealtad, who assessed the social impact, mobilization of volunteers, sustainability, and their scalability, as well as their degree of innovation.

The initiatives selected receive assistance and financial support of up to €8500 from the Repsol Foundation to develop their volunteering projects in 2023.

The selected projects are:

Driving the banana industry – Peru: creation of new job opportunities by improving banana treatment processes thanks to the construction of a solar oven with sustainable materials for the drying and subsequent milling, and labor training in the process.

Puertollano goes green – Spain: creation of training and job opportunities for persons with disabilities through the development of vertical gardens.

Energy awareness and restorative justice – Spain: promoting the social insertion of convicts, through educational innovation in energy, green engine, circular economy, and/or energy efficiency topics.

For better living conditions – Mexico: development of a sustainable system for the use of water resources and planting of 100 fruit trees to promote a community agricultural production and marketing project.

BONI forests – Peru: strengthening the abilities of children, teachers, and community leaders in management and use of a 5-hectare forest and promoting environmental awareness around recycling.

Urban forests – Bolivia: reforestation project of public spaces with native species with around 600 tress to improve the ecosystem of the city and quality of life of its inhabitants.

Empowered female collectors – Bolivia: support and creation of new jobs in a circular economy project, as well as improving the employability of female harvesters.

Arte cría - Brazil: Workshops for the creation of toys in educational centers in Rio de Janeiro and distribution of fun educational kits created with recycled material.

Hydroponic system for strawberry production - Bolivia: developing entrepreneurial abilities through the production of fruit and other products in the greenhouse, as well as the development of skills, technical training, and training courses for families at risk of exclusion.

Recolectoras empoderadas – Bolivia: apoyo y generación de nuevos empleos en un proyecto de economía circular, así como mejora a de la empleabilidad de las mujeres recolectoras.

Arte cría - Brasil: Realización de talleres de creación de juguetes en centros educativos de en Río de Janeiro y distribución de kits pedagógicos lúdicos creados con material reciclado.

Sistema hidropónico para la producción de frutilla – Bolivia: desarrollar capacidades de emprendimiento a través de la producción frutícola y otros productos en el invernadero, así como el desarrollo de competencias, capacitaciones técnicas y cursos formativos a familias en riesgo de exclusión.