Making Climate Policy Work

Are today’s climate policies working? If not, what needs to change to address the emissions problem? Repsol Foundation and EadeGeo are organizing this online event to analyze some ideas of the book “Making Climate Policy Work”, together with their authors.

In this online event, Danny Cullenward, Policy Director, CarbonPlan; Lecturer, Stanford Law School and David Victor, Professor of Industrial Organisation and Innovation, School of Global Policy and Strategy, UC San Diego; Co-Chair, Initiative on Energy and Climate, The Brookings Institution, present the findings of their new book, Making Climate Policy Work, that analyses some ideas to promote energy transition.

Javier Solana, President, EsadeGeo and Antonio Brufau, Chairman of Repsol open the session.

This event is set in the Repsol Foundation's Conferences series to promote knowledge and rigorous debate surrounding the challenges of the future of energy.