More than 2200 Repsol volunteers contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals

This year the number of participants doubled, with more than 2200 volunteers from 24 countries lending a helping hand in the second annual Repsol International Volunteering Week. In this year’s event, around 100 activities took place, which benefited 16 000 people.
Voluntarios Repsol de A Coruña participando en una actividad de la Semana Internacional de Voluntariado

For the second consecutive year, Repsol employees joined in on the social energy by participating in the Second Repsol International Volunteering Week from 21 to 27 October. Throughout these seven days, employees have proven their solidarity and commitment to society. And what’s more, this year even employees’ families and friends participated in many of the activities.

The volunteers’ efforts focused on working toward three of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Notable activities focused on the Climate action SDG, one of the primary objectives for Repsol and Fundación Repsol. In addition, volunteers also contributed their efforts to the Zero hunger and Quality education SDGs chosen by current and retired employees in the first annual event.

In order to promote a sustainable energy transition and combat climate change, various activities geared toward the Climate action SDG were organized. These included reforestation, the upkeep of green spaces, land and beach clean-ups, and recycling and awareness workshops. The volunteers planted more than 4000 trees and collected over 1500 kilos of waste.

With regards to food and nutrition, Repsol volunteers contributed to the Zero hunger goal by serving over 5000 meals in soup kitchens and collaborating with food banks. Their work helped to improve food security for children and young people in various countries. In addition, employees from more than 30 locations in Spain participated in a large food drive, collecting more than 10 tonnes of food for the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). Likewise, in other countries food collections have also been held to improve the diets of families in vulnerable situations.

Repsol volunteers also contributed to the Quality education SDG by providing guidance to unemployed young people and those at risk of social marginalisation, in addition to organizing other extracurricular support activities. They also worked to restore and refurbish educational centres like schools and libraries.

Double the solidarity

This year, we exceeded our participation goal with more than 2200 volunteers in the 24 countries where activities took place. That’s double the number of volunteers from last year’s event. Once again, the key to this success is in part thanks to the volunteering ambassadors, who organized and spread the word about the activities. Thank you!

In addition to International Volunteering Week, Fundación Repsol is also responsible for the Repsol Volunteering Plan. All the information is available at