Several workers lead reforestation efforts in a valley
We see a forest from the air, only the treetops can be seen

Carbon footprint mitigation

In order to halt climate change, it is necessary to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. We know that reaching zero emissions is difficult. Therefore, it is important to remove from the atmosphere the carbon that is being emitted today and for this, we offer any company or person the possibility to do so.

A hand taps a map on a cell phone affixed to the handlebars of a bike

Sustainable Mobility

Transport is necessary for many aspects of our lives. That’s why we believe in the importance of driving new ways of transport for both people and goods.

A man holds a clear box with a variety of electronic devices to recycle

Circular economy

In a world with finite resources, we need to learn to optimize their use and reuse what has already been utilized. That’s why we are encouraging companies and creating and sharing know-how to progress in this field.

A woman adjusts a digital thermostat in a home to regulate the temperature

Energy efficiency

Power generation is the most well-known aspect of the energy transition, but reducing the amount of energy we consume is also key. That’s why we’re working on projects that show individuals and companies ways to save energy.