Interior courtyard of the Repsol Campus

The Repsol Foundation is the expression of the Company's social vocation. It is a strategic pillar of Repsol's commitment to the energy transition and the construction of a more sustainable world. Our purpose is aligned with the Company's global strategy and follows the path marked by the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

The Repsol Foundation’s lines of action

We are working to create a more sustainable future, focusing on the energy transition through four strategic lines of action:

Green and social economy

We are pioneers in driving a new, green, and social economy underpinned by the ESG principles (environmental, social, and corporate governance). To this end, we invest in companies that respond to the global challenge of the energy transition, generating a three-fold positive impact on the environment, society, and the local economy.

Entrepreneurs Fund

We have been supporting entrepreneurship through the Entrepreneurs Fund for more than 10 years. Our startup accelerator provides innovative technological solutions to address the challenges of the energy transition.

Knowledge and education

We generate expert, inclusive, and rigorous knowledge about the energy transition through our Chairs, Open Room, and Zinkers. We make relevant and up-to-date information available to the public that accelerates the solutions to build a more sustainable world.

Social and volunteering

People are the drivers of change to achieve a fair energy transition. We promote social development and the inclusion of the most vulnerable. The effort made by Repsol's volunteers transforms the society around them.

Our action principles

Guide us to make every initiative useful and relevant to society.

Being transformers

We work to mobilize actions, projects and initiatives that help us move towards a more sustainable economy and life, in which all people have a place.

To be generators and drivers of knowledge

We work to ensure that all advances in sustainability are known and implemented and that this information is freely available to society as a whole.