180 000 euros to support the most vulnerable against Covid-19

Thanks to the collaboration of Repsol employees, more than 60 000 euros have been donated, which, added to the additional contribution of 120 000 euros by the Repsol Foundation, amounts to a total of more than 180 000 euros for the Red Cross RESPONDE Plan.
Voluntarios de Cruz Roja preparando kits de bienes de primera necesidad para repartir entre los más vulnerables. Cruz Roja RESPONDE

Repsol and the Repsol Foundation are collaborating with the Red Cross RESPONDE Plan to meet the most immediate needs of the most vulnerable people in the face of the crisis caused by coronavirus. In the framework of this collaboration, the workforce has taken action and employees have donated a total of 61 000 euros, to which an additional contribution of 120 000 will be added by the Repsol Foundation. In total, more than 180 000 euros have been donated to the Red Cross.

This contribution is especially aimed at the social inclusion area of the Red Cross RESPONDE Plan. This global Plan, which was launched in March, is helping to meet the most immediate needs of one and a half million people throughout Spain, with the collaboration of more than 40 000 volunteers, who together with the humanitarian organisation's team of professionals, are carrying out social action. Essential products are being distributed to families, advice is being given on employment, minors are receiving educational support, the homeless are being offered a place to sleep, and information and social support is being given.

This collaboration joins the Repsol and the Repsol Foundation's actions in response to the exceptional situation caused by Covid-19, offering its full support to society and the authorities under the motto #TogetherWeCanDoIt. These initiatives include the donation of materials or the launch of a free breakfast campaign at service stations to support drivers. 

Furthermore, the Repsol Foundation has launched several volunteering initiatives, in which more than 160 Repsol volunteers are contributing their time by interacting with people who may be lonely through letters, emails, and phone calls or by supporting vulnerable students as they continue their education through online learning methods. In these activities we collaborate with Adopta un Abuelo [Adopt a Grandparent], the Foundation to Promote Development and Integration (FDI), Nadie solo [No one is alone] from the Foundation of Development and Assistance and the Tomillo Foundation.

All those who wish to participate in these Repsol Volunteering initiatives still have time. Sign up at the website.