The Repsol Foundation and ANFAC sign a strategic alliance to promote sustainable mobility

Repsol Chairman Antonio Brufau and ANFAC Chairman Wayne Griffiths signed a strategic agreement today with the aim of addressing the major challenges of present and future mobility.

This alliance represents the commitment of the Repsol Foundation and ANFAC to promote rigorous debate, dissemination, and knowledge among the main public, private, academic, and scientific sector leaders in the field.

Antonio Brufau assured that "only a joint and rigorous vision, based on technology, will be able to ensure the revitalization of two sectors that are of utmost strategic importance for the country's economy, such as the automotive and energy sectors, in order to improve their competitiveness and employment".

Wayne Griffiths emphasized that "the agreement between ANFAC and the Repsol Foundation will help us in this goal, as well as in others. We agree that this future, this new mobility, will be decided by society and that we have to preserve the right to individual mobility".

The Repsol Foundation and the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (ANFAC) signed a collaboration agreement for the joint development of actions to promote, disseminate, and boost sustainable, efficient, digitized, and safe mobility in all its aspects.

The agreement was signed by the Chairmen of Repsol and ANFAC, Antonio Brufau and Wayne Griffiths, respectively. The meeting and signing ceremony preceded a working meeting on the decarbonization of the sector, which was attended by various stakeholders in the automotive value chain, such as Foment del Treball, CIAC, and the UGT and CCOO trade unions, moderated by the professional services firm, Grant Thornton.

Both organizations share a common interest in collaborating to disseminate, raise awareness, and broaden society's knowledge of the challenges and opportunities posed by the development of new mobility, characterized by its sustainability, connectivity, and decarbonization. In this sense, they aspire towards a global change both socially and in the public and private agents of the sector. To this end, they will focus on the joint organization of events and conferences on sustainable mobility, both nationally and locally.