Industry and academy: technology for the energy transition

The Repsol Foundation organized the conference Industry and Academy: Technology for the energy transition , in order to highlight the importance of collaboration between companies and universities and to drive the energy transition, through technological development.

It showed that the future is unwritten and how new technologies will be critical in order to define the most efficient and profitable energy transition model.

Our Chairman, Antonio Brufau, took part in it, and ensured that: “it is about an industrial and energy transition, because without industry there is no future. This transition has to be competitive, sustainable, and rich in job creation”. In this regard, the important role of universities in tackling the scientific and technological challenges of these transitions was discussed, as well as how the collaboration of universities with industry is key in order to accelerate the achievement of the goals set for 2030 and 2050.

In his intervention, Luis Cabra, Executive Managing Director of Energy Transition, Technology, and Institutional Affairs at Repsol spoke about the development opportunities for the future, in his words “the future is unwritten; science, technological progress, and innovation will offer us multiple solutions for decarbonisation that we cannot even imagine today”.

For his part, António Calçada, Executive Managing Director of the Repsol Foundation, highlighted how the conference “ showed the importance of collaboration between industry and academy in the development of technologies to drive the Energy Transition ”

The event saw distinguished experts in different areas of the energy transition take part, both academics and students from the 5 energy transition education and research programmes that the Repsol Foundation has in the main Spanish universities

They were joined at the round tables by Jaime Martín Juez, Corporate Director of Technology and Corporate Venturing at Repsol and Adriana Orejas, Director of Industrial Transformation and Deep Tech at Repsol as industry representatives

To finish the conference, the students had the chance to discuss at a round table with Antonio Brufau, about the future of energy and their views of the aspects that concern them about the energy transition.

The conference was closed by Teresa Riesgo Alcaide, secretary general for Innovation, who emphasised that: “Repsol is playing an essential role by bringing to the table solutions that are out of the box, complex, but which will have a place in the long term”.

You can watch the full video here.