Awarded for volunteering by the Integra Foundation

On its 20th anniversary, the Integra Foundation presented its annual awards which recognize entities that are part of its Integration Commitment network. This network is made up of 52 companies that are committed to the integration of people at risk of social exclusion and with disabilities in the workforce, and has generated over than 1,600 jobs in 2021.

Mar de Andrés, director of the Repsol Foundations Social Action and Volunteering Area received the award for Repsol Volunteers for their participation in the “Impact Against Gender Violence” initiative. It is a training program for 30 victims of gender-based violence to help them get in to the areas of sustainable mobility, logistics, and last-mile delivery.

Repsol volunteers collaborate in this project by giving various sessions on topics such as CV preparation, personal branding, job interviews, basic legal training, home economics, etc. It is not only about imparting theoretical knowledge, but also about strengthening their identity as people. The workshops provide them with the necessary tools to enter the job market successfully.

As many as 28 Repsol volunteers participated in the workshops organized by this initiative, through which 23 women have succeeded in securing work in 2021.

The event was closed by Alfredo Timermans del Olmo, deputy minister for Employment in the Community of Madrid, and was attended by the president of the CEOE Foundation, Fátima Báñez, the founder and executive president of the Integra Foundation, Ana Botella, and many representatives from major Spanish companies.

Repsol Volunteering

The Repsol Foundation develops projects that contribute to responding to the social challenges of a just and inclusive energy transition by promoting social transformation, being the driver of change in four main lines: circular economy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and emissions reduction.

Repsol Volunteering offers the opportunity to demonstrate to the Company's employees their commitment to society by contributing their talent, knowledge, and professional experience.