Repsol volunteers: driven to generate a positive impact

The Repsol Foundation is launching new volunteer projects where current and retired employees can lend their professional talents to the challenge of achieving a just and inclusive energy transition.

The Repsol Foundation is launching new projects though its Volunteering Plan, open to current and retired Company employees alike, that are focused on achieving a just and inclusive energy transition.

The volunteering activities for 2021 seek to generate a positive impact on society while presenting an opportunity for personal and professional development.  

This year, volunteers will get to participate in actions related to the circular economy, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and emissions reduction.

And what exactly is our volunteers’ work?

The Repsol Foundation offers employees a chance to exhibit their talent, experience, and knowledge by helping socially minded organizations that work towards the energy transition and the inclusion of vulnerable groups.

One example of these activities is a strategic carbon offsetting plan for the 22 Red Cross locations in the region of Madrid. Another is a new sustainable last-mile delivery centre for Koiki, a Repsol Foundation investee company that provides employment to vulnerable groups. Yet another is support for Waorani women in the Ecuadorian Amazon by designing a sustainable business plan for growing and producing cacao.

Another option is for volunteers to propose their own projects to help a cause that generates a positive impact on their community.

As part of this activity, Repsol volunteers must work with a social organisation to design a volunteer project that responds to an energy transition-related need around them. The Repsol Foundation will select up to 10 of these proposals and donate an amount as high as €5,000 to help make them a reality.

Professional development

Being a Repsol volunteer is a chance to showcase the behaviour and skills that Repsol asks of all its employees — and which are part of our corporate culture. Volunteer projects are designed to develop professional skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, teamwork, and flexibility.

To participate in these and other activities that will be taking place throughout 2021, current and retired Company employees need to be registered as volunteers.

If you'd like to be a volunteer for one of our projects, registration will open on 18th April.

If you'd like to propose your own project, you have until 1st June to do so.

Don't miss out on this chance to join the team that goes the distance. Visit the Repsol Volunteering website and sign up now!