Objectives 2017

  • We promote technological solutions for energy and mobility and bring them to the market by nurturing entrepreneurial initiative through our Entrepreneurs Fund.
  • We work for the inclusion of people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups through sport, culture, training, and awareness with the Breaking down barriers programme.
  • We support social agents with solidarity initiatives, and we transmit protagonism, values, and responsible attitudes to citizens through the More than Words project.
  • The projects under the LearningEnergy programme are a vehicle for us to spread knowledge about science, energy, and energy efficiency. They help make young people more aware of how to use energy and energy resources responsibly.
  • We are committed to our volunteering programme, which contributes to the real transformation of society and channels the concerns of our volunteers. To this end, we design volunteering activities that are as aligned as possible with the expectations and motivations of our volunteers and with social needs at the local level. We employ innovative methods such as entrepreneur volunteering and corporate volunteer marathons.
  • We help cultivate young people's talent through our scholarship programmes for university studies and vocational training.
  • We support and collaborate with social, educational, and cultural organisations in the development of their projects.

Objectives 2016. Results

New call for proposals by the Entrepreneurs Fund, Fundación Repsol's non-profit business accelerator that promotes technological solutions for society's energy and energy efficiency problems.

  • The new call for proposals by the Entrepreneurs Fund was launched in January of 2017. Over the course of 2016, the accelerator has incubated 19 startups from previous editions. A total of 120 hours of specific and specialised training have been given as part of the programme, as well as 360 hours of expert mentoring per project.

We support social agents with solidarity initiatives, and we transmit protagonism, values, and responsible attitudes to citizens through the More than Words project.

  • We've held the fifth edition of the More than Words initiative, which provides an avenue for Repsol employees, shareholders, distributors, and customers to present projects seeking the support of Fundación Repsol. A total of 41 national and international employee initiatives were selected, along with three shareholder initiatives and seven distributor projects. Each of these 51 projects received 6000 euros to improve people's quality of life, promote social integration, and address the special needs of specific groups.

We help to raise awareness among youth of the responsible use of energy resources and encourage them to become agents for social change. We do this by involving them in spreading the word about the importance of responsible energy use to their family and friends through the Energy with consciousness project.

  • In 2016, the second edition of the educational programme Energy with consciousness was carried out to raise awareness among third- and fourth-year secondary school students so they use energy resources more responsibly. The programme was implemented at 18 schools in Ciudad Real, Madrid, A Coruña, Murcia, Tarragona, and Vizcaya. More than 650 students participated. The programme also saw the participation of 80 Repsol volunteers, who visited classrooms to conduct experiments and activities with the students.

We support the development of talent among youth through an investment of €619 000 in scholarships.

  • In 2016 a total of 218 scholarships and other forms of aid were awarded, totalling more than 600 000 euros.

We help to raise awareness by spreading information about science, energy, and energy efficiency through the LearningEnergy programme.

  • Our Mobile Classroom has made over 60 visits throughout Spain and Portugal. Over 27 900 people have participated in the activities it offers, which highlight the important role energy plays in our lives.
    More than 4700 primary and secondary school students participated in 258 workshops. In addition, in the Energy with consciousness project mentioned above, the more than 650 participating students from 18 schools have performed energy audits with the help of the volunteers.

We work so that people with disabilities can improve their abilities and opportunities while also enjoying their leisure time through sport, culture, and training with the Breaking down barriers programme.

  • The Breaking down barriers programme has carried out initiatives that have benefited more than 28 000 people.

We promote integration activities aimed at youth at risk of academic failure and women who have suffered gender-based violence.

  • The Young People with a Future project was implemented to provide training for young men and women aged 18 to 23 who are in vulnerable situations and face difficulties entering the job market. A total of 15 young people received training as service station attendants.