Program objective

At the Repsol Foundation, we have been supporting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs for more than 10 years through Fondo de Emprendedores, our accelerator for start-ups that provide technological solutions to meet the challenges of the Energy Transition.

This is a perfect program for start-ups in the testing phase with real customers, or that will reach this phase in 1–2 years.

If your start-up has passed the pre-commercial phase and already has recurring customers then connect with Repsol Deep Tech




We're very lucky that the Repsol Foundation is involved, as they can also provide the wealth of knowledge from a company like Repsol

Patricia Aymà, of Venvirotech Biotechnology, a startup supported by the Entrepreneurs Fund

What do we offer

Non-repayable grants

  • Between 60,000 and 100,000 euros non-refundable for one year.
  • We do not ask for a share of the start-up’s equity or intellectual property.

Multidisciplinary mentoring team

  • Two senior mentors, former Repsol employees who collaborate on a voluntary basis. Professionals with a high level of knowledge in business management.
  • Two mentors who provide technological support and their knowledge of the market as active Repsol professionals.

Possibility of pilot trials with Repsol

  • We try to facilitate the relevant pilot testing at Repsol facilities, but please note that this is not always possible.
  • Start-ups admitted to our program are not restricted from piloting at the facilities of any other company or third party.

Without having to go anywhere

  • It is an international programme where start-ups from all over the world participate without having to leave their premises.

Areas we support:

Our program supports industrial technology solutions in the following areas:

  • Low carbon energy technologies and the circular economy.
  • Biotechnology and Nanotechnology for sustainable solutions.
  • Products and services based on the management of energy and renewable energies.
  • Digital technologies for the energy industry.
  • Natural solutions for reducing the carbon footprint.

This programme is aligned with the commitment of Repsol and its Foundation to sustainable energy transition.