12ᵗʰ Call for the Entrepreneurs Fund

We are looking for technology startups working on innovative solutions for the energy transition related to:

We offer you:

  • Financial aid of up to €100,000
  • Possibility of pilot tests with Repsol
  • Without having to go anywhere

If you have any questions, send an email to fondoemprendedores@fundacionrepsol.com


If you want to apply, you can find useful information here:

Our strategy is to focus our resources on a small number (6–8) of carefully selected startups, to which we deliver around 100,000 euros over the course of a year.

We also do our best to help startups gaining visibility with Repsol in case they are looking to engage early adopter customers in pilot tests or trials.

No, it is not necessary to move from where you are. It could only be required to attend some occasional event or meeting organized by us.

Repsol and the Repsol Foundation do not acquire any share of the startup’s equity or intellectual property by virtue of being presented for the acceleration program. If, in addition to the stipulated amount, the startup needs more funds, pre-emptive rights to enter into equity may be negotiated through different available financing tools available.

If in doubt, we recommend applying to the program. Application takes some time to fill a form, but that is a good investment considering the benefits of being admitted to the program. We guarantee your application will go through a very thorough, professional and respectful evaluation process

By that agreement, startups undertake the obligation of:

  • Being diligent with the accomplishment of their acceleration Work Plan and to submit a monthly follow up report and a closing report at end of the acceleration period describing the progress of the startup and convincingly explaining the deviations from the initial Plan.
  • Financial aid received must be used exclusively in the development of the Work Plan and a record must be kept and presented to the Repsol Foundation for adequate justification, through an external auditing process.
  • To inform Repsol Foundation of any other grants, awards, loans, or subsidies received as well as any offers received from investors and/or any foreseeable changes in the startup’s shareholding structure.

In addition, startups presented for our program must have a liability insurance policy, including work responsibilities if the startup has employees.

The amounts contributed during the program and the entire support effort have no compensation for the Repsol Foundation. If, in addition, the startup needs additional funds, an agreement will be negotiated, according to the call’s terms and conditions.

The Repsol Foundation may contribute an extra amount with pre-emptive rights to enter into equity, through different financial tools, including a participative loan.

If, additionally, a start-up happens to require funds beyond those included in the program, the Repsol Foundation will automatically propose a base agreement to be negotiated between both parties before acceleration begins, pursuant to the terms and conditions of the call for proposals and as evidence of the Foundation's commitment to its accelerated start-ups. Under the terms of this agreement, the Repsol Foundation may contribute an additional amount with certain preferential equity ownership rights to be negotiated, up to a maximum threshold of 5% of the start-up's total equity, by means of various financial instruments, which may include participatory loans. At all times, any such additional contribution will by made respecting any and all agreements that the start-up has reached previously with its partners and creditors.

Finally, we ask the startups to collaborate in activities that publicise the program, and to report once a year on the evolution of the project over a period of ten years, with the aim of helping its monitoring and support.

On its side, Repsol Foundation undertakes the obligation of providing the grants and to appoint mentors to help with the development of the Working Plan.

The monthly report must cover the following issues: deviations from the Working Plan, justification and contingencies adopted. Technology development progress and results. Business model development progress and results. Startup financials. Conclusions of the follow-up meeting. Next actions.

Please, do not submit any confidential or commercially sensitive information in the application process. In the final selection stages, and in some specific cases, it may be necessary to share more information to better understand the potential of a startup. In these cases, the Repsol Foundation will suggest signing a specific confidentiality agreement.

On a different note, your personal data are protected by Repsol Foundation’s Privacy Policy in compliance with the current Spanish/EU legislation on personal data protection.

We believe we can better help startups that not only need funds but also need good quality mentoring and pilot trials to demonstrate their innovations. If you believe you are not in need of any coaching, you may rather look to other financial support schemes or to venture capital investors for your business project.

No, we do not give any preference to startups from any particular country.

Yes, it is considered. We believe we can better help startups that are ideally 1-2 years away from having recurring customers..

Startups that already have recurring customers have access to investors and therefore will normally be too mature for our program. We have the mandate to help startups in earlier stages, with fewer financing alternatives.

Mentoring is one differential feature of our accelerator program.

Each startup gets a team of 5 mentors. Two of them are ex Repsol high-rank executive retirees volunteering for this job. This people have been in charge of huge energy industrial projects for decades and, on top of it, they receive specific training to complement their corporate experience with startup-specific issues. These are “dedicated” mentors. They usually make themselves available anytime the founders need them.

The other two mentors are Repsol professionals. They may be available for the startup on request. They can provide technology support and market information and insights and, when possible, they would help startups to pave the way for a pilot trial with Repsol.

Mentors are appointed by Repsol Foundation considering the needs of the startup business project. Dedicated mentors are ex high rank managers with a long career in the energy sector volunteering for this job. They receive specific training to complement their corporate experience with startup-specific issues.

If the relationship with the mentors does not work, we kindly ask entrepreneurs to inform us and we would take care of it. We also encourage mentors to let us know if this situation occurs. In our program, mentoring must be a fulfilling experience for mentors and a valuable resource for founders.

Startups admitted to our program do not have any restrictions to do pilots with any early adopters, in fact, we encourage startups to contact customers the earlier the better to (in)validate the hypothesis of their business models, and pilots are an advanced stage of that process.

We know pilots are difficult to get for industrial startups and we try to facilitate trials with Repsol, but that is not always possible. When trials are possible, and depending of their characteristics, Repsol may request startups (under acceleration in our program or other) to formalize the pilot with an agreement. Startups do not have any restrictions to accept, negotiate or turn down such agreement, that without affecting their acceleration process with Repsol Foundation.

If a startup in our accelerator program reaches the commercial stage, it would have more chances to attract venture capitalists, among them, Repsol Deep Tech (corporate venture capital) or Net Zero Ventures. Startups do not have any restrictions to engage in negotiations with any particular investor, that without affecting their acceleration process with Repsol Foundation.

Startups admitted in our program receive €5,000 a month (€60,000 along the year) for “ordinary” expenses. These grants are to be spent in reasonable salaries, rent, energy, communications and the rest of the ordinary expenses of a company.

Startups can also apply for another €40,000 additional funds for “extraordinary” expenses. These expenses must be directly related to the pilot project's development.

Applications for extraordinary funds are discussed case by case and it is up to Repsol Foundation to accept or not accept the extraordinary expense application.

There is no limit to the number of applications you can submit. If you are working in two or more technologies or business models, you may consider submitting an application for each one of them.

Yes. We do not impose any kind of restrictions in that respect as long as the founders keep in control of the startup and the Working Plan is not negatively affected.

If you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact Entrepreneurs Fund's team sending an email at fondoemprendedores@fundacionrepsol.com.