Investing on startups with a social impact

Repsol Social Impact promotes companies focused on energy transition and the inclusion of vulnerable sectors of the population in Spain and Portugal.

Commitment to the energy transition

We are investing in projects that contribute to the global energy transition challenge and that create professional opportunities or a positive impact for people from vulnerable groups.

Companies focused on:

  • Reducing emissions
  • Sustainable mobility
  • The circular economy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly products and services

Additionally, they encourage social development by promoting or creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities, young people at risk of marginalization, females who are victims of gender-based violence, drug addicts who are undergoing treatment, and refugees, among others.

The investee companies will receive financial aid, counselling, and strategic alliances.

Up to €50 million for investing in social businesses

Our work can generate a very positive impact on both a social and environmental front

Enrique Enciso, co-founder of Sylvestris, investee company of Repsol Social Impact

Our invested companies

Repsol Social Impact has 35% of Koiki, a network of urban micro-centres for sustainable last-mile distribution through the use of sustainable transportation methods for delivery, generating employment for people with disabilities.

It has also acquired 21.39% of Sylvestris shares, a company dedicated to sowing and planting as tools for offsetting CO₂ emissions, which employs people in vulnerable situations for the development of its projects.

In the scope of energy efficiency, Repsol Social Impact has invested in GNE Finance (20%), a company that provides affordable financing with personalized technical assistance to refurbish homes and buildings, focused on improving sustainability.

It is also part owner (35.26%) of SAEMA, a Special Employment Centre dedicated to recycling and the circular economy. This company's work has a triple impact: economic, to be sustainable, social, by providing employment to more than 100 people, 78% of which whom have a disability, and environmental, through the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

Together with ILUNION, Grupo Social ONCE's social business network, Repsol Social Impact set up Recycling4all, specialized in large-scale industrial recycling of electric and electronic equipment, which also generates employment for close to one hundred persons with disabilities. The new company, with a 75% stake from ILUNION and 25% from Repsol Social Impact, is present throughout the business value chain: collection, transportation, classification, storage, treatment, recovery and evaluation of waste. This project is part of the strategic partnership between the Repsol Foundation and Grupo Social ONCE.

Ship2B and Open Value Foundation are collaborating in this initiative.