Being a Repsol Volunteer offers the opportunity to contribute to supporting the challenges of the energy transition and the Sustainable Development Goals.

What exactly is our volunteers’ role?

Volunteers will be able to provide solutions to the challenges and needs of society within the field of Energy Transition by taking part in activities in line with our strategic plan:

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Energy efficiencyicon
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Emissions reductionicon

By contributing to a fair energy transition, Repsol volunteers are boosting the social transformation and are the drivers of change.

More than 4 400 people are already part of the Repsol Volunteers team


Professional development

Being part of a multidisciplinary work team that works for and with the companies and organizations we help.

An opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to society and where to contribute your talent, knowledge and professional experience.

What does it mean to be a Repsol Volunteer?

Being a Repsol Volunteer is a sign of identity. It means having the ambition to generate a positive impact by contributing to the energy transition, thus identifying themselves with the Repsol values and sharing them with a group of people, united by the same concerns: the Repsol Volunteers, who collaborate by contributing their knowledge, skills, and time to contribute together to a more sustainable future.

If you have a startup that can fit into the Entrepreneurs Fund, do not hesitate to contact us: