Captura y almacenamiento de CO2

Analysis of CO2 recovery and utilization systems.

CO2 capture and utilization is necessary for several reasons:

  • To make faster progress on reducing CO2 emissions, 
  • Because there are some industrial sectors (aviation, steel, and cement), where there are not yet developed technologies to prevent greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Because all climate forecasts indicate that, in addition to stopping CO2 emissions, we must remove the CO2 already in the atmosphere to achieve the goal set in the Paris Agreement of not exceeding 15°C of global warming.

2023 lines of work:

  • CO2 Capture and Storage Technologies (CCS) in industrial processes.
  • Negative Emission Technologies (NET) and their potential removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Using CO2 for neutral or negative emissions.
  • The regulatory framework to enable the implementation of Negative Emission Technologies.

Work team

Pending formation of the working team