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A pioneering project to drive CO₂ offsetting through reforestations with a three-fold transformative effect on the economy, society, and nature.

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Natural climate solutions for the energy transition

Green Engine is a Repsol Foundation initiative that is committed to creating new forests, by reforesting scorched or barren earth in Spain in order to drive CO₂ emissions offsetting.

Forests are a natural climate solution, and through reforestation, Spain can become a competitive and benchmark carbon sink in Europe, driving the voluntary CO₂ emissions-offsetting market, in line with the growing commitment by businesses and institutions to achieve carbon neutrality.

Green Engine project is aligned with the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as with the Europe's Next Generation funds.

If you are a company, and you want to know how to offset your carbon footprint or you want to help maximize the economic, social, and environmental impact of reforestation with this project, please contact us.

Up to 70,000 hectares reforested

16 million tons of CO2available to offset

Local and inclusivejobs

Economic, social, and environmental impact

Green Engine project, in addition to its environmental impact, contributing to action against climate change, has a triple positive impact on society and the economy:

  • Social: promoting employment, focused on vulnerable groups, in the rural areas where reforestations are carried out.

  • Economic: reforestations are a sustainable business, with a high future prospect, that generates wealth from natural resources, helping to strengthen the local business and boost the economy in rural areas. In addition, Green Engine promotes innovation, research and the application of new technologies, linked to the forestry sector.

The reforestation work is led by Sylvestris, a company invested by the Repsol Foundation with more than 30 years of experience in reforestation projects.


Collaboration between public and private sectors

Green Engine is aligned with the social, environmental, and economic enhancement strategies of the Spanish regions which we are working with, and it responds to the growing commitment of companies that take part in the project to offset their footprint. Thanks to this collaboration it is possible to maximize the economic, social, and environmental benefits of reforestations in Spain.

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