Old buildings in the center of a city

Energy efficiency accessible to all

GNE Finance develops accessible eco-sustainable renovation projects for housing and buildings in vulnerable environments. It also provides specialized technical advice and access to funding. Its activity is part of SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

More sustainable homes

Reforms to make energy efficient homes are essential in the fight against climate change. They imply a significant emissions reduction, being a priority line of action for the European Union and governments.
Making an eco-sustainable renovation in a house means an energy saving for the people who live there. Gadgets are installed in order to reduce the energy consumption, as they use it more efficiently.
But renovating a house to make it energy efficient is expensive, and that is a paradox, because people with less resources are those who have the least access to energy saving and efficient use of energy, due to the cost of saving and efficiency solutions.

Who are GNE Finance's projects aimed at?

Especially at people with fewer resources. In some cases, it works along with the local Public Administration to channel public aid such as European Funds.

As well as managing funding, GNE Finance is responsible for all the key services to carry out the projects successfully, such as technical advice, training of contractors to maximize the energy efficiency of the project, and direct information to citizens to help them in their decision making.